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A never-ending stream of warm and witty characters flow from the pen of talented children's artist, Stephanie Strickland.
• Lively hand-drawn illustrations of characters, buildings, animals and objects help to bring the past to life.
• Fun and informative mini-scenes illustrate key events in history
• Striking, colourful artworks for interpretation panels, physical interactives and large-scale displays 
• Appealing character illustrations for licensing and gift-shop merchandise

Family-friendly artworks

Blackbird Publishing Family-friendly Illustrations

Imaginative historical scenes designed to appeal to all ages
Full-colour artworks for books, trails & educational resources, interpretation & display

Illustrations for display & interpretation

Blackbird Publishing Tower of London Magnetic Puzzle Dress the knight in armour

Bold large-scale character illustrations for a hands-on magnetic puzzle game
Dress the knight in armour  Historic Royal Palaces: Tower of London

Blackbird Publishing  Illustrations for interpretation and display

Striking family-friendly illustrations for museum and site interpretation
Large-scale characters  Ullapool Museum, historical scenes and site picture map  Sandal Castle

Licensed characters

Blackbird Publishing Licensed  Character Illustrations Pontefract Castle

Family-friendly dragon character featured in children's learning resources and on gift-shop merchandise
Ilbert the dragon  Pontefract Castle

Blackbird Publishing Licensed  Character Illustrations Torfaen Museum Welsh Pony

Engaging pony character for use in children's learning resources, on social media and for interpretive display
Welsh Pony mascot  Torfaen Museum

Blackbird Publishing Licensed  Character Illustrations Kingston Museum

Cheeky animal character based on a museum toy exhibit
Snappity the Crocodile museum mascot  Kingston Museum

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