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A never-ending stream of warm and witty characters flow from the pen of talented children's artist, Stephanie Strickland.
• Lively hand-drawn illustrations of characters, buildings, animals and objects help to bring the past to life.
• Fun and informative mini-scenes illustrate key events in history
• Striking, colourful artworks for interpretation panels and large-scale display 
• Appealing character illustrations for licensing and gift-shop merchandise

Family-friendly artworks

Blackbird Publishing Family-friendly Illustrations

Imaginative historical scenes designed to appeal to all ages
Full-colour artworks for books, trails & educational resources, interpretation & display

Illustrations for display & interpretation

Blackbird Publishing Display Illustrations Ullapool Museum

Life-size local history characters to engage young visitors
 Vinyl wall stickers  Ullapool Museum

Blackbird Publishing Display Illustrations Pontefract Castle Interpretation

English Civil War soldiers in training: child-friendly characters to engage and inform family visitors
Family activity interpretation panels  Pontefract Castle

Blackbird Publishing Display Illustrations Historic Royal Palaces

Decorative seasonal motifs for family activity events
Large-scale signage  Historic Royal Palaces: Kensington Palace & Tudors on Tour

Licensed characters

Blackbird Publishing Licensed  Character Illustrations Kingston Museum

Cheeky, family-friendly character based on a museum toy exhibit
Snappity the Crocodile museum mascot  Kingston Museum

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